Untitled VR Project

Like the vast majority of my projects, I want to use this project to tackle more themes of mental health.

Alas, what has been done? Currently the work is focused on ragdolls and interactable objects, buttons, and throwable objects interacting with one another



What's it about though?

How does it work?

What if I told you, you could throw objects as far as you wanted. In this project currently I have the user able to choose the power and force behind their throws and then they are able to throw and that throw is translated from the frame it's held to the frame before it's held. It gathers that direction, speed, orientation and rotation from that frame of release and the frame before release and multiplies the power modifier to the throw, applies rigidbody components, and sets the velocity for the object to be launched.

You'll feel like the most important baseball player alive.

A code snippet?

Let's see a snippet of code with help from our little highlight js library.

    void testing(){
        int i = 5;